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Our doctor and eye care team provide the expert care, advice, options, and follow-up you need whether you are a new patient or an existing one.

Seeing Is Vital to the Quality of Your Life

Eyes are important indicators of overall health, and comprehensive eye care goes beyond a prescription for glasses or contact lenses. At A+ Vision Optometry, we take the time to get to know you, your eye care history, and your vision needs. Our optometrist provides the expert care, advice, options, and follow up you need whether you are a new patient or an existing one.

Children may not be as interested as adults are in wearing sunglasses as a fashion accessory. But they still need protection!

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Focus on Artificial Tears

oasistearsOasis TEARS is a preservative-free, viscoadaptive, lubricating eye drop formulation with the active ingredient, glycerin, to keep tears on the eye surface for a long time.

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Vision Therapy for Kids

Vision therapy is a non-surgical, customized program of visual activities designed to correct vision problems and/or improve visual skills.

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Monique M. Nguyen, O.D.

The life of a refugee as a teenager opened up a whole new world to Dr. Monique Nguyen, a world in which people were always ready to offer a helping hand and to make a difference, no matter how small. And making a difference in other people’s lives was her primary goal when she considered her career options. To her, it was unquestionably health care. And there is no greater joy than protecting, enhancing, and optimizing the most important sense – vision. Thus, she decided to become an optometrist, the primary care taker of vision....

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How Contact Lenses Can be a Danger to your Eyes

Most people wouldn’t consider contact lenses dangerous. In fact, they are a great alternative to glasses, offering convenience and great vision for those who wear...

An Active and Eye Safe Lifestyle

90%! That’s the number of sports eye injuries that studies show can be prevented using proper eye protection.  Yet most sports leagues don’t require protective...